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TY Phoo Presents: The Amazing World of Doctor Who

TY Phoo Presents: The Amazing World of Doctor Who

These Doctor Who Ty-Phoo tea cards were a collectible promotion from 1976 featuring 12 octagonal shaped glossy photographic cards of many of the key characters, aliens and monsters from the fourth Doctors era.

The cards include the Doctor, Daleks, Cybermen, a Krynoid, Zygon, Davros, a Sea Devil, the Giant Robot, Alpha Centauri, an Ice Warrior and the TARDIS!

The cards reverse told you about the promotion and contained information on how order The Amazing World of Doctor book.

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The Amazing World of Doctor

The book was supplied with a large Doctor Who wall poster and was 64 pages long. With the power of a £1 postal order you could send off for it, remembering to include a return address...

The books stories were mostly reprints, but it did contain two original Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith short stories. It strongly resembled a Doctor Who annual, and in fact heavily drew from the 1976 edition.

This Doctor Who Tea promoted curio contains the following stories and features:

Short Stories:

Comic stories


A PDF of this book and of 12 Doctor Who trading cards released by Typhoo as part of the same promotion can be found on the DVD release of The Face of Evil.

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