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The Mechanical Planet
an Audio Adventure

The Mechanical Planet<br />an Audio Adventure

Continuing our celebration of the Dalek strips of the 60s, we’re thrilled to present a brand new full cast audio play presented as a FREE CD or proper 7” vinyl record. It’s a free gift and available ONLY with Vworp Vworp! Volume 3 [we know you’re going to love this].

The Mechanical Planet Teaser

David Graham Introduces The Mechanical Planet

THE MECHANICAL PLANET - The background Story

The Age of Universal Peace has come to an end and a fearful force of destruction speds through the cosmos - a Mechanical Planet. Although the Daleks have been disarmed and confined to their homeworld since their military defeat 200 years ago, an alliance with the Golden Emperor seems the only solution. But can the denziens of Skaro be trusted, or perhaps, more importantly, can the rulers of Earth?

Featuring a brand new full-cast audio play written by Kaldor City’s ALAN STEVENS, with sound design by ALISTAIR LOCK. This one-off homage is available only with Vworp Vworp! and is inspired by The Mechanical Planet, a comic strip published in 1965’s fondly remembered Dalek World book.

Most excitingly, we’ve got a very special voice returning to the Daleks for the first time since 1966. The play stars DAVID GRAHAM as the Golden Emperor of the Daleks! David is perhaps best known as Parker from Thunderbirds, and alongside Peter Hawkins, for providing the original voice of the Daleks from their first appearance in 1963 through to the epic story The Daleks’ Master Plan.

The cast is completed by SASHA MITCHELL, best remembered as Arlen, the Federation officer who brought down Blake’s 7 in the final shocking episode transmitted just over 25 years ago. It’s incredibly exciting!

Remember; The Mechanical Planet is only available with the magazine, created in homage to the brilliant 1965 Century 21 record that featured highlights from the final episode of The Chase with narration by David Graham.

You can join the battle with the Mechanical Planet only by purchasing Volume Three of VWORP VWORP! Order your copy here.

The vinyl 7” free gift is available ONLY with the TV Century 21 variant. A very special few will even get the super rare Japanese variant (not available on request, randomly allocated).

By Alan Stevens

The older I get, the more it becomes apparent that we are an illogical, irrational species governed by emotions, cognitive dissonance and a set of deep-seated neuroses, which have been subliminally passed down through the generations to the point where, although the original trauma may have departed from living memory, we are still suffering from the aftershock.

Consequently, if we don’t know our own minds, how can we predict the behaviour of others, or more importantly, comprehend the infinitely complex world that we live in?

Surely then, any Caesar, or Tsar, or King, or Fuhrer, or Prime Minister, or President, no matter how powerful, who believes they can shape a stable world through political, economic or military intervention is either very, very stupid, or insane.

The Mechanical Planet could be a story about how pacifism led to the human race falling back on to the Daleks for protection, or it could be about how a Machiavellian president invented an outside threat, so as to induce a rearmament programme which would lead to a fascist domination of the known universe, through inducing a fear of the other, or maybe it’s neither, and perhaps the real story is about how the human race decided to manufacture its own suicide through death by Dalek.

In the end though, I can’t give you the real answers because I am a member of a species known as the human race.

You can assimilate the full Dalek data package only in Volume Three of VWORP VWORP! Order your copy here.