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Revisit The Age of Chaos
with Colin Baker!

Revisit The Age of Chaos<br />with Colin Baker!

It’s often overlooked that only once has one of the Doctors actually been credited with writing his own words. Published in 1994 as a prestige one-shot, The Age of Chaos acts as a sequel to The Trial of a Time Lord and predates Big Finish in revisiting Peri and Yrcarnos’s squabbling dynasty on the wild world of Krontep.

We talk to the team behind this extraordinary strip, including the Sixth Doctor himself and writer Colin Baker, editor Gary Russell, and artists John M Burns and Barrie Mitchell.

Here's a teaser excerpt from the Colin interview, as Colin takes us back to 1993 and how he created his Doctor for the page.

Vworp Vworp!: How was it, Colin, writing for your own Doctor, when you’re more used to performing other people’s lines?

Colin Baker: Well, you have a head start, of course, because you’ve been on the inside, playing it. Very often, when I do a script, I’ll come across a line and think, “I don’t really think I’d say that, but I’ll give it a go.” But when you’re doing it yourself, you are doing the Doctor you want to deliver.

Vworp Vworp!: - Were there qualities you were keen to bring out that perhaps you hadn’t been able to do during your TV stint?

Colin Baker: I don’t particularly think so, no. I’m a kind of story person, I think the story is what matters, and I’d had experience playing the Doctor and how the Doctor would react in that story. And his interest in Peri, who he had ambivalent feelings about as a result of the way, in this version, she had gone on to her future life.

As I say in the introduction, “Given the nature of the two characters involved, it is a marriage which might be considered, at the very least, surprising and, frankly, totally inappropriate.” But I went on the basis that she had married Yrcanos and that’s the world we’re living in...”

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