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TV Century 21 Daleks celebrated and finally completed, 20 years on!

TV Century 21 Daleks celebrated and finally completed, 20 years on!

For fans in the 60s and 70s, the TV Century 21 Dalek strips represent the high benchmark of comic strip quality.

With colourful and budget-defying art from Richard Jennings, Eric Eden and Ron Turner, the original Daleks run coincided with the height of Dalekmania in the mid-60s and their reputation has remained high ever since.

Less remembered, however, is the brief Indian summer The Daleks enjoyed in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine in the 90s. Working from a script by John Lawrence, Ron Turner returned to illustrate a six-part strip, Return of the Elders which picked up from the final strip TV Century 21 published.

It was to be a last hurrah for Ron, with a proposed follow-up, Deadline to Doomsday declined by DWM in 1997, despite Ron completing the first two pages. Ron sadly passed away in 1998, leaving this final Daleks strip tantalisingly out of reach. However, thanks to Vworp Vworp! we can finally see his final Dalek work completed.

The result is Deadline to Doomsday, an exciting seven-part Dalek strip, as started by the late artist RON TURNER in 1997 and completed seamlessly for Vworp Vworp! by Dalek artist supremo LEE SULLIVAN, letterer RICHARD STARKINGS and colourist CHARLIE KIRCHOFF from a script by JOHN LAWRENCE.

You can read the full strip only in Vworp Vworp! Volume 3, but nice chaps that we are, there’s a taster page presented below.

You can assimilate the full Dalek data package only in Volume Three of VWORP VWORP! Order your copy here.