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In the name of time, K-9, cease that primitive barking!

In the name of time, K-9, cease that primitive barking!

“The first draft of de Klein’s bible was a simple six-page document entitled, The ‘New’ Doctor Who – An Animated Series, dated 10 May 1991, which outlined the premise of the new series.

The “wild and whimsical” Doctor was described as having “blonde hair, a tall slim figure with a large nose and hands, he looks like a cross between Eric Idle (of Monty Python fame) and Ichabod Crane”.

At this point, the thought for the Doctor’s new wardrobe encompassed a gentleman’s suit from the 1900s, with a blue bowler hat, morning coat and vest, large silk cravat, a butterfly collared shirt with little question marks on it and brown spats.

Along with the TARDIS and K-9, the bible explained that several of the programme’s famous villains would also be back, including the Master, the Cybermen and, of course, the Daleks.

No longer would they be the “clumsy landbound metal-encased aliens” of old. The new Daleks would evolve into “sleek flying machines that glide effortlessly over any landscape and are able to link with each other, transforming into imposing Super-Daleks”.

Finally, the document described the Doctor’s new companion, and alien woman called Raven, a freedom fighter on a war-torn planet ravaged by the Daleks. “She was originally inspired by Sylvester McCoy’s companion, Ace,” recalls de Klein, “just a little bit hotter!”.

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